AI is here to change the world.

Is your child/teen ready in this new economy?

As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern that AI will replace jobs in the future. Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has been replacing human labour in various industries, and AI is no exception. To prepare our children/teenagers for the future of work, it's essential for them to adapt and embrace new technologies and skills.

Learners who are curious and open-minded are more likely to explore and experiment with Midjourney AI ART, ChatGPT & Game Design, which can help them learn more and discover new things. They can learn how to create images like the ones on this website. AI-powered tools can help your child create art, music, stories and even Roblox games, which can help them develop their creativity and imagination.

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Come and join us for a thematic AI lesson and pick up a new skill in just 4 hours over 2 lessons! We have 5-Day holiday programs available for upper primary, secondary, middle & high school students & adults. Who should attend:

  • Loves drawing and art in general
  • Enjoys using computers, playing games & coding
  • Anyone that loves to read and aspires to be an author
  • Assists in writing essays and homework
  • Idea Generation, Creating Games
  • Keeping up to date with AI

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Here are our AI enrichment classes available in Singapore, for upper primary kids, secondary, mid and high school students and adults.


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Possibilities of AI Art & ChatGPT

AI is like having a really cool robot friend who can assist you! This robot can learn from all the art and content in the world, that it's seen before, and use that knowledge to make new content for your own use. With the help of your robot friend, you can get ideas, words and create things much faster!

Create Your Own Storybook Cover

Create a Cartoon Character

Idea Generation

Assist in School Work