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2 Day - Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 SD1.5 & SDXL Course | Singapore

2-Day Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 SD1.5 & SDXL Course (Adult)

Open for corporate, schools & institutional signups.
Ages 18-Above (9:30pm-5:00pm)

(Class size of approx. 4-8 students)
(Nearest MRT is Tai Seng (Exit B), Building has parking available.)

The AI course offers a comprehensive lesson plan for adults, designers or working professionals to learn about the power of Stable Diffusion web UI. (AUTOMATIC1111 or A1111 for short) is the de facto GUI for advanced users in the field of Generative AI tools. We are the only course provider in Singapore to teach SD A1111. As an open-source software hosted on GitHub, its capabilities continue to enhance through contributions from users around the globe.

In the lesson, students will receive guidance from their instructor, on the steps of installing the software, which  can be intimidating to 1st time users. The advantage of SD over Midjourney, is that you can create consistent characters & look, control the pose & facial expressions of your character, inpainting (cleaning & regenerate certain areas) and many more. You can go a step further by training the software with novel faces and images, or merging the appearance with a specific celebrity or style, using LoRa (Low-Rank Adaptation)

Whether you are a complete beginner or simply looking to enhance your current profession with AI skills, this professional course on Stable Diffusion can provide a solid foundation for future artistic endeavors in the field of photography, CGI influencer content creation, creative illustrations or 3D Avatars.
(Requirements: You need a GPU to run SD A1111, minimal GTX1660, best RTX4090)

Day 1 Topics

  • Installing Git & Python
  • Installing Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 WebUI from Github
  • Configuring Webui-user.bat to run optimally on your system
  • Using the Interface & Loading Extensions
  • Using Txt2img, Img2Img
  • Prompt Techniques
  • Understanding Sampling Methods, Batch Count, Seed
  • What are Checkpoints Safetensors
  • Using Checkpoints

Day 2 Topics

  • Using LoRa
  • Using Textural Inversion
  • Using Inpaint
  • Using ControlNet
  • Using Openpose
  • Using Canny/HED
  • Using Scribble/Lineart
  • Applying Your AI Skills

Questions? Enquire about this course now via Whatsapp.

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