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Cedar Girls Secondary School - Generative AI Art Workshop

Mind Theory 2hr Generative AI Art Workshop (Leonardo.AI)

Recently, Cedar Girls Secondary School extended an invitation for us to conduct a 2-hour Generative AI art workshop, revealing the convergence of technology and creativity to a cohort of 160 students. Leading this transformative journey, our 2 Instructors offered a distinct opportunity for them to explore the convergence of AI and Art, using Leonardo.AI tools.

Empowered by prompts, they explored AI tools and various art styles, broadening their artistic perspectives. The workshop ignited not just an interest in technology and art, but also fostered a profound appreciation for innovation’s role in shaping the future of creative pursuits.

Seeing the students dive into AI-generated art with such excitement hinted at a fresh wave of future creatives willing to challenge traditional norms. The blend of AI and art sparked critical thinking, research, problem-solving, and teamwork skills in the students, preparing them for a tech-focused future.

The topics covered in the workshop includes

  1. Possibilities of AI Art and its uses
  2. Setting up Leonardo.AI
  3. Understanding what are AI Training Models
  4. Training Dataset Examples
  5. Prompt Workflow
  6. Negative Prompts
  7. Prompting Tips
  8. Image 2 Image Generations
  9. Visual Styles
  10. Inpainting, Masking and Removal
  11. Canvas Editor
  12. Prompt Generation Tool (ChatGPT within Leonardo.AI)

Inpainting in Leonardo.AI

If you’ll like us to give a workshop for your organisation or school, enquire about this workshop now via Whatsapp.

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