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Creating AI Art with Children

Creating AI art with children can be a fun and engaging activity that combines creativity with technology. However, before diving into this activity, it’s important to have the right resources on hand to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. Here are some resources you might need when creating AI art with children:

Resources Needed

  • A computer or tablet: You will need a device to run the AI art software. Make sure the device is compatible with the software you plan to use. We use desktops in our classes. Your child can bring along his/her laptop if preferred.
  • AI art software: There are many AI art software options available, such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E. It’s important to choose software that is user-friendly and appropriate for children. Over at Mind Theory, we use Midjourney as it is the most powerful. A Discord account is also needed to access Midjourney. (it is the modern day Gen-Z version of MIRC)
  • Art materials: While AI art is digital, it’s still important to have traditional art supplies on hand for the child to sketch his ideas on paper. This includes paper, pencils, markers, paints, and any other materials your child prefers to use.
  • Online resources: There are many online resources available for learning about AI art and how to create it. Websites like YouTube offer tutorials and educational videos on the subject.
  • A creative and open mindset: Creating AI art with children is all about encouraging creativity and experimentation. Be open to different ideas and approaches, and encourage your child to explore the possibilities of AI art.

Learn Art and Grow

Overall, creating AI art with children can be a rewarding experience that combines technology and creativity. With the right resources on hand, you can help your child explore their artistic talents and learn about the exciting world of AI.

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