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Learn Roblox Studio Coding Camp

  • Start date
    01-01-2023 0:00
  • End date
    31-12-2025 0:00
  • Course length
    5x Lesson
  • Class duration
    180 Minutes

5-Day Learn Roblox Studio Coding Camp
(Creating An Game World)

(27 May – 16 Aug 2024 MOE & International Schools Holiday Period)
Ages 10-18 (Monday – Friday 9:30am-12:30pm)
(Class size of approx. 4-8 students)
(Nearest MRT is Tai Seng (Exit B), Building has parking & food centre.)

Discover the captivating world of Roblox by learning while having fun. If your child/teen spends a lot of time playing Roblox, why not educate them about the mechanics behind a game?

Roblox Studio, a free application available on Windows and macOS, is the essential building tool for Roblox experiences. This camp explains the basics of Roblox Studio by building, playtesting, and publishing a Game World. Learn how to create maps, design game mechanics, playtest your game, and finally publishing your game for your friends to play.

Whether for personal, school projects or future aspirations to be a Roblox Creator or Game Developer, discover the power to shape game experiences through the captivating world of coding and map design. Beneficial for graduating secondary school students who wish to ace the game diploma course portfolio review at the tertiary level. We will write a testimonial for your teen and show you how to compile your game project work to show the lecturers, which helps to secure placement.

Students will receive a 50+ page course manual and a certificate of completion.

(Requirements: Basic knowledge of using a computer & mouse, browser navigation, Gmail to access their inbox, Roblox Account.)
(Future dates available, Book in advance today.)

Day 1 Topics

  • Possibilities of being a Roblox Creator
  • Introduction to Roblox Studio & Setup
  • Learning the UI Interface and Tools
  • Creating Objects/Parts

Day 2 Topics

  • Creating Assets & Using Materials (Stairs, Ladders)
  • Model Tab
  • Explorer & Properties
  • SurfaceGUI, StarterGUI (Signboards, Decal, Game Interface)

Day 3 Topics

  • Terrain Editor
  • Using Toolbox
  • LUA Scripting, Script Editor
  • Practice making a Obstacle Map (Killbrick, Conveyor, Trampoline)

Day 4 Topics

  • Practice making a Combat Map (Medikit & Weapons)
  • Using Useful Plugins
  • Creating your Own Map

Day 5 Topics

  • Finishing & Testing/Debugging Your Game
  • Learn how to Publish your Game and invite your friends to play

Example of learning how to create a simple Obstacle Course with (Killzone, Stairs, Ladders, Checkpoints, Conveyer Belts)

Example of a objective-based Survival Game File. (Collect Food, Purify Water, Take Pistol)

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Price (SGD) $800.00
  • Course name
    Roblox Coding Camp
  • Location
    Mind Theory Classroom
    81 Ubi Ave 4. UB. ONE 08-02, 408830
  • Info
    Learn how to use Roblox Studio in this 5-Day Camp. This camp teaches game design, building maps, playtesting, and publishing a Game.
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