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Midjourney Inpainting Feature

Midjourney has finally released the long-awaited Inpainting feature. This feature was originally only available in Stable Diffusion Automatic1111. Essentially, it’s a technique used in image editing. It helps you to either remove unwanted elements from a picture or fill in missing parts by intelligently analyzing the surrounding areas.

Think of it as having the ability to seamlessly edit images. You can fix flaws, erase distractions, or even change colours of clothes without leaving any visible traces. This kind of control over the visual aspects of your images adds a whole new layer of precision and creativity to your editing process.

In the upcoming examples, you’ll see how Inpainting can substantially enhance the quality of your images, giving you a more refined way to manipulate colors, textures, and other distinct features. It’s like having a sophisticated toolkit to fine-tune and perfect your visuals, making them more compelling and visually appealing.

How to Use

To edit a specific region of your image, follow these steps:

  • Go to /settings and make sure that you have Remix mode switched on. You’ll get a text box in your editor that will allow you to modify the prompt for the selected area.
  • Upscale an image that you wish to edit.
  • Click on Vary (Region).
  • In a new Editor window that will pop up, select the region to edit.
    • Rectangular and Lasso tools (Similar to Photoshop) are available for region selection.
    • You can also choose multiple regions.
  • Within the same window, edit the prompt so that you tell Midjourney what you want to achieve in the selected region.
  • Press the arrow next to the prompt, close the Editor window, and wait for the re-generated results.

Edit Subjects

It is usually very difficult to have Midjourney generate two people with different emotions in one image. The first emotion you mention in the prompt will be usually applied to all subjects. Lets fix this with Inpainting.

As expected, we got both subjects having the same expression in the initial generated image. Now, let’s have the boy re-regenerated by selecting his face with a modified prompt: “boy having a big smile, happy face ”.

Voila! Now it’s much easier to get multiple people with distinct emotions in one image.

Control Colors of Objects

Another challenge we have with Midjourney is controlling the colors in the generated images, especially if we have a very specific request about distinct clothing parts. For example, lets generate a image.

Lets say, you would like to change her hair colour and add fashion sunglasses.

Voila! As you see, with Inpainting it becomes much easier to control colors in your images.


Midjourney Inpainting Tool is an advanced image editing technique (originally only offered on Stable Diffusion Automatic1111), that offers remarkable control over pictures. It allows you to effortlessly remove unwanted elements, fill in missing parts, and make seamless edits by intelligently analyzing the surrounding areas. This technique enhances image quality, enabling precise adjustments to colors, textures, and distinct features. With Inpainting, you gain the power to craft visually appealing images with finesse and creativity.


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