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$800.00 / person
AI Holiday Camp

AI Holiday Camp (Kids)

5-day AI Holiday Camp on Midjourney, Lexica, ChatGPT. Create your own Storybook, Tshirt Design, Sticker Packs & Greeting Cards. Early Bird @ $680.

5x lesson
$250.00 / person
Introduction to AI ART

Introduction to AI ART (Kids)

Learn Generative AI tools such as Midjourney & Lexica in 2 lessons.

2x lesson
$800.00 / person
Game App Design Camp

Game App Design Camp (Kids)

Create a 2D Game Design in this 5-Day Camp. This camp teaches game mechanics, building characters, enemies & maps, and publishing as a Android game. Early Bird @ $680.

5x lesson
$800.00 / person
Learning Roblox Studio Camp

Roblox Holiday Camp (Kids)

Learn how to use Roblox Studio in this 5-Day Camp. This camp teaches coding, game design, building maps, playtesting, and publishing a Game. Early Bird @ $680.

5x lesson
$1050.00 / person
Midjourney, Lexica, ChatGPT Course

Midjourney, Lexica, ChatGPT Course (Adult)

4-day AI Essentials Course on Midjourney, Lexica, ChatGPT for adults, working professionals, designers, etc.

4x lesson
$3000.00 / person
Stable Diffusion Course

Stable Diffusion Course (Adult)

4-day Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 Course for adults, designers, working professionals. 1st and only SD A1111 course in Singapore.

4x lesson
$200.00 / person
ChatGPT Course

ChatGPT Mastery Course (Kids)

Learn how to enhance your writing abilities with ChatGPT.

1x lesson