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Singapore 5 Day - AI Holiday Kids/Teens Camp

5-Day AI Holiday Camp (Midjourney, ChatGPT)

Ages 8-18 (Monday – Friday 2:00pm-5:00pm)

(Class size of approx. 4 to 8 students)
(Nearest MRT is Tai Seng (Exit B), Building has parking available.)

The AI Holiday camp offers a comprehensive lesson plan for beginners or individuals who have little to no prior experience with Midjourney AI. It seeks to ignite a sense of curiosity in them to embrace the endless possibilities of AI art.

Throughout the lesson, students will receive guidance and feedback from their instructor, who will offer demonstrations in operating Midjourney, and provide support to help students improve their skills and understanding of using the program.

Whether your child/teenager is a complete beginner or simply looking to brush up on their AI skills, an introduction course on Midjourney can provide a solid foundation for future artistic endeavors.

Besides learning AI Art, your child/teen will get to interact with a fun and friendly AI language model, ChatGPT. They’ll learn how to talk to ChatGPT and ask it questions, as well as how to use ChatGPT to help them with their homework or just to learn something new. They’ll get to practice typing and spelling, as well as building their vocabulary and knowledge. ChatGPT can help them with a wide range of subjects, including simple Math, Science, Geography, History, and English. They can ask ChatGPT for definitions of words, help with spelling, or even for fun facts and jokes!

Students will receive a 50+ page course manual and a certificate of completion.

(Requirements: Basic knowledge of using a computer & mouse, browser navigation, Gmail to access their inbox.)
(Future dates available, Book in advance today.)

Day 1 Topics

  • What is AI?
  • Possibilities of AI Art and its uses
  • Setting Up Midjourney and choosing a subscription plan
  • How to create AI Art
  • What is a Prompt?
  • Using Styles
  • Using Commands

Day 2 Topics

  • Using Advanced Parameters
  • Using Advanced Prompts
  • Using Reference Images
  • Using Inpaint
  • Using CRef/StyleRef
  • Using Blend Modes
  • Using Face Swap Techniques

Day 3 Topics

  • Using Leonardo.AI
  • What are AI Training Models
  • Image to image
  • Leonardo Inpainting Tool
  • Canvas Editor
  • Prompt Generation Tool

Day 4 Topics

  • Using Other AI Art Tools
  • Introduction on using ChatGPT
  • Possibilities of ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT Prompts
  • Using it for Math, Science, Geography, History & English
  • Using it for Creativity & Ideas
  • Writing your own Story

Day 5 Topics

  • Applying Your AI Skills
  • Creating your Story using AI, Adobe Photoshop, Google Slides
  • Exercise 1 – Tshirt, Sticker Pack, Greeting Card, Artwork
  • Exercise 2 – Create Your Own Storybook


Book the class here. Questions? Enquire about this course now via Whatsapp.

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