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5 Day - Android Coding Camp for Kids/Teens | Singapore

5-Day Android Game Coding Camp
(Creating A 2D Platform Game)

Ages 8-18 (Monday – Friday 9:30am-12:30pm)
(Class size of approx. 4-8 students)
(Nearest MRT is Tai Seng (Exit B), Building has parking & food centre.)

Discover how to make Android games by learning while having fun. If your child/teenager spends a lot of time playing IPad games, why not allow them the opportunity to learn how to create one on their own?

No complicated coding or programming is needed. Due to the software’s unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn’t require any complex scripting, programming experience. Learn how to create maps, design game mechanics, creating characters, enemies, coins, playtest your game, and finally publishing your game at the App Store* or a exe file.

Whether for personal, school projects or future aspirations to be a Game Designer, we’re breaking down the barriers of game development for creators. We believe that anyone should get the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. All that’s required from your child/teenager is a vivid imagination. Possessing this portfolio would be valuable for your teenager aspiring to enroll in a Game Design Diploma program at the Polytechnic level.

Beneficial for graduating secondary school students who wish to ace the game diploma course portfolio review at the tertiary level. We will write a testimonial for your teen and show you how to compile your game project work to show the lecturers, which helps to secure placement.

Students will receive a 50+ page course manual and a certificate of completion.

(Requirements: Basic knowledge of using a computer & mouse, browser navigation, Gmail to access their inbox.)
(Future dates available, Book in advance today.)

Day 1 Topics

  • Possibilities of being a Game Designer
  • Introduction to Game Creator Software
  • Learning the UI Interface

Day 2 Topics

  • Planning Your Game
  • Game Mechanics / Collision / Bombs / Coins / Spawn
  • Create Main Character
  • Physics of Character

Day 3 Topics

  • Create Enemies & Animate
  • Create Backgrounds
  • Create Platforms

Day 4 Topics

  • Create Objects
  • Create User Interface
  • Testing Your Game

Day 5 Topics

  • Final Testing & Finishing Your Game
  • Publishing Your Game

Book the class here. Questions? Enquire about this course now via Whatsapp.

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