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Singapore ChatGPT Mastery Course (Kids/Teens)

ChatGPT Mastery Course (Kids/Teens)

Open for signups. 
Ages 8-16 (Friday 2:30pm-4:30pm)

(Class size of approx. 4 to 8 students)
(Nearest MRT is Tai Seng (Exit B), Building has parking available.)

In this class, your child/teenager will get to interact with a fun and friendly AI language model, ChatGPT.
ChatGPT has been designed to understand and respond to their questions and prompts, just like a friend!

During this lesson, they’ll learn how to talk to ChatGPT and ask it questions, as well as how to use ChatGPT to help them with their homework or just to learn something new. They’ll get to practice typing and spelling, as well as building their vocabulary and knowledge. ChatGPT can help them with a wide range of subjects, including simple Math, Science, Geography, History, and English. They can ask ChatGPT for definitions of words, help with spelling, or even for fun facts and jokes!

By the end of this lesson, they’ll have a better understanding of how to communicate with an AI language model. Get ready to have fun with ChatGPT!

(Requirements: Basic knowledge of using a computer & mouse, browser navigation, Gmail to access their inbox.)


  • Possibilities of ChatGPT
  • Introduction on using ChatGPT
  • Using Prompts
  • Using it for Math, Science, Geography, History & English
  • Using it for Creativity & Ideas
  • Writing your own Story


Questions? Enquire about this course now via Whatsapp.

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