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Kids Summer Holiday Camp of 2023

With summer just around the corner, parents are eager to provide their children with enriching experiences during the upcoming holiday camp. The summer break presents a wonderful opportunity for kids to explore new interests, make friends, and create lasting memories. In this article, we will highlight a range of exciting activities that kids can enjoy during the Summer Holiday Camp of 2023.

Creative Workshops

Creative workshops for kids are dynamic and interactive sessions designed to spark their imagination, nurture artistic expression, and cultivate their creativity. These workshops are carefully crafted to provide children with a hands-on experience and an opportunity to explore various art styles with technology.

As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern that AI will replace jobs in the future. To prepare children for the future of work, it’s essential for them to adapt and embrace new technologies and skills. Mind Theory provides engaging AI lessons for kids to learn how to create AI Art and use ChatGPT for enhancing their writing abilities.

Taught by an experienced instructor from the design & animation industry, children will receive expert guidance to unleash their creative potential and elevate their passion to new heights.

The Midjourney Mastery class is suitable for children – teens (Ages 7-18), who loves drawing, art, computers & technology. Children gain valuable skills in navigating Discord and Midjourney platform, empowering them to create a myriad of possibilities through “prompts.” These prompts serve as a means for users to interact with AI, generating desired outcomes based on their inputs and preferences.

Where: Mind Theory
81 Ubi Ave 4 UB.ONE 08-02 Singapore 408830
When: 30 May to 23 Jul 2023
Cost: $200-$300

Outdoor Adventures

Immerse your child in the beauty of nature with thrilling outdoor activities. From nature hikes and scavenger hunts to camping under the stars, the holiday camp offers an array of adventures to spark your child’s curiosity. These activities not only promote physical fitness but also foster an appreciation for the environment and encourage teamwork.

Curious Adventurers™ Holiday Camp is carefully designed to be at the optimal pace and terrain to help young children overcome their inhibitions to the wilderness. With nurturing instructors on hand to ensure our young hikers’ safety, this nature appreciation trail will develop the child’s confidence and independence while pushing their limits through the wilderness.

Where: First Campus Outdoor School
229 Mountbatten Road,
#01-14 Mountbatten Square,
Singapore 398007
When: 29 May to 12 Jul 2023
Cost: $64.80


Sports and Team Building

Boost your child’s physical fitness and team-building skills through a range of sports activities. From soccer and basketball to swimming and obstacle courses, the holiday camp offers a diverse selection of sports to cater to different interests. These activities promote teamwork, enhance motor skills, and instill values like perseverance and sportsmanship.

Fun and exciting sports camps for kids! Get introduced to a wide selection of sports – Archery, Mixed Martial Arts, and Swimming are all on the agenda, and plenty more.

Multi Sports camp is designed to provide your child with a unique opportunity to develop a variety of fundamental sports skills, social skills and build confidence.

Where: Camp Asia
Stamford American International School and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
When: 29 May to 4 August 2023
Cost: $685-$775

STEM Exploration

Fuel your child’s curiosity for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with interactive workshops and experiments. From robotics and coding to hands-on science experiments, the holiday camp provides a stimulating environment for young learners to develop problem-solving skills and explore the wonders of the STEM world. Engaging activities in this field lay a strong foundation for future innovation.

Newtonshow offers three science programmes – “Unbelievable science”, “Space Explorer” and “Harry Potter science school”. Chemistry, with its exciting fizzes and bangs, is a subject that really fascinates kids. It gets them thinking ‘What will happen if…?’

When: 29 May to 25 August 2023
Where: Newton Show is at 4 locations: Bukit Timah, Joo Chiat, Novena, and River Valley
Cost: $685, lunch and snacks provided

Adventure and Excursions

Exciting excursions and day trips are a highlight of the summer holiday camp. From visits to museums and historical landmarks to thrilling amusement park adventures, these outings offer children the opportunity to explore new places and learn about different cultures. Educational and entertaining, these excursions provide a break from routine and create unforgettable memories.

The Children’s Museum Singapore is dedicated to kids 12 years old and below, and is designed especially for our tiny folk. There are a variety of interactive installations and experiences there that spark imagination and curiosity in kids of all ages.

When: 29 May to 25 August 2023
Where: Children’s Museum Singapore 23-B, Coleman St
Singapore 179807
+65 6337 – 3888

Cost: $$40 (for 2 Adults, 2 Children)

Life Skills and Personal Development

The holiday camp goes beyond just fun activities, offering valuable life skills and personal development workshops. Children can engage in sessions focused on communication skills, leadership development, and problem-solving abilities. These workshops equip kids with essential skills that are crucial for their personal growth and future success.

Join Ray Educators’ Junior Chef baking camp for a summer of creating delicious treats in the kitchen. Your little baker will learn how to pipe, frost, and incorporate fondant and royal icing to whip up scrumptious desserts that they can take home.

When: Jun to Jul 2023
Where: Ray Educators
Kensington Square, 2 Jalan Lokam, #01-24, Singapore 537846 (5-min from Serangoon MRT) or KAP Mall, 9 King Albert Park, #B1-01, Singapore 598332 (Bukit Timah)

Cost: $$40 (for 2 Adults, 2 Children)


The Summer Holiday Camp of 2023 presents an incredible array of activities to keep children engaged, inspired, and entertained. From outdoor adventures to creative workshops, sports activities to STEM exploration, and exciting excursions to personal development sessions, the holiday camp offers a well-rounded experience for kids. Enrolling your child in this camp will not only make their summer break memorable but also foster their growth, ignite their passions, and create lasting friendships. Get ready for a summer filled with joy, learning, and extraordinary experiences!

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